Introducing intramolecular, interligand arene–alkynyl pi-interactions into heteroleptic [Cu(N^N)(P^P)]+ complexes
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E.C. Constable and C.E. Housecroft
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Back to the future: asymmetrical DπA 2,2′-bipyridine ligands for homoleptic copper(I)-based dyes in dye-sensitised solar cells
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Organic solvent free PbI2 recycling from perovskite solar cells using hot water
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Embracing [XY3]m and [XY4]m anions in salts of [M(bpy)3]q+
E. C. Constable and C. E. Housecroft
Crystals, 2023, 13, 97. doi: 10.3390/cryst13010097

Expanded Ligands Based upon Iron(II) Coordination Compounds of Asymmetrical Bis(terpyridine) Domains
D. Rocco,  A. Prescimone, E. C. Constable and C. E. Housecroft
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